The Tartan Song


The Tartan

Dress the part

Why not wear a traditional tartan kilt – or anything tartan- for the students the day you are doing this song! They will love it!

During the Chorus the students enjoy repeating the “hey” and “Ho” as chants

“Then it’s hey for the tartan” – HEY “And ho for the tartan” – HO .


There are hundreds of tartans so lovely to see
And many a famous has graced the bare knee
And the sett that I wear is both ancient and braw
It’s the pride o’ my heart and the dearest of a’

Then it’s hey ! for the tartan (HEY) and Ho ! for the tartan ! (HO)
The stamp O’ the hielands from Skye to dundee
And it’s proud I am bearing the tartan I’m wearing
The pride O’ my clan and the tartan for me.

The Mackenzie is noted the Lindsay is grand,
The gordon’s familiar in many a land
And the Cameron men have a right to be proud
With the Campbells and stewarts, MacLeod of MacLeod


There’s the Bruce, the Buchanan, the Frazer and MacBean
MacDonald, MacMillan, MacPherson and MacLean
But I can’t name them all and it’s no use to try
So I’ll give you “The Tartan from Solway to Skye”


Aye ! The children of Scotia may roam the world o’er
But their thoughts aye return to the land they adore
And the skirl o’ the pipes sends the heart beating high
And the tartans of home bring a tear to the eyeChorus

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