Ireland In The Class

People have always been proud of their Irish heritage and when St. Patrick's day comes around, everyone is Irish. Celebrate a culture that everyone loves to celebrate with our standards based content on Irish culture.

The Cultural Classroom resources honor the folklore and history of Ireland's rich culture. From St. Patrick to C.S. Lewis our language arts collection of lessons are packed with green!

Recommend for the Music Class

The Irish Drum

The Irish Bodhran by Remo

Remo Fiberskyn Frame Drum, 16"

The Remo Fiberskyn 3 Frame Drum has a wide body shell and is provided with a thumb notch and four holes located around the circumference of the Acoustic on shell. The four holes are placed in a manner allowing the use of many materials such as rope, string, leather or vinyl strips creating a handle to suspend the drum which increase the projection when struck with a mallet or hand. All frame drums are equipped with a Remo drumhead and are manufactured with Remo's patented Acoustic on shell that produce the same tonal characteristic found on traditional wood shell drums with excellent projection and enhanced low pitched fundamentals. The Remo frame drum is lightweight, durable, weather resistant, and easy to play which means you'll have countless hours jamming on your new instrument.

irish tin whistle

The Irish Tin Whistle By Waltons

AVAILABLE IN THE MOST POPULAR KEYS | The Walton’s whistle comes in the Key of C and D. These are by far the most popular keys and are perfect for beginners and experienced players alike.
DURABLE, PORTABLE, EASY TO LEARN | Made from brass to produce a higher quality sound than tin, the Irish whistles are long lasting and easy to care for. The whistles include an instructional booklet to get you started. Master a new instrument in no time!

Irish Cultural Lesson Ideas

Celebrate Irish culture with your students using standards-based content! Here are some of our favorite lesson ideas for your classroom Irish Studies Unit!

Podcast Episodes about Ireland

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