Brazilian Folk Music Kit


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Brazilian Folk Music Kit for Music teachers is a great way to celebrate diversity in your music class! Students will love these songs, and parents will be so proud to hear their kids singing in another language. All the repeat after me phonetics are included as audio files. You can learn it with your students!

What you get in this Brazilian Folk Music Kit

3 Songs from Rural Brazil:

All the songs are written out with lyrics and melody. These PDFs have interactive clickable links to listen to the audio version of the music sung in a repeat after me style and an audio version of the song sung entirely to use in the class. 

  • Sheet Music
  • Translations & Lyrics
  • Audio file: listen to phonetics
  • Audio file:  repeat it lyrics
  • Audio file: listen to the phonetics with the melody sung
  • Audio file: repeat it song

2 Brazilian songs transcribed for Recorder:

The Music Kit comes with a bonus of 2 pieces of Brazilian music transcribed for the recorder. These PDFs include the music for those students who are reading and the music along with the fingering reminders for those students who are still developing their reading skills. 

  • Sheet Music
  • Easy to read fingering guides

Listen to our free podcast all about Festa Juninha – a Brazilian Folk Festival for the Harvest season.


Stop spending your limited time researching international folk music,  notating out sheet music, learning phonetics, and trying to discover the song’s meaning and context. WHY? BECAUSE WE’VE DONE THIS FOR YOU

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