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Our Book Recommendations



A Scottish sheep's unusual diet of colorful flowers causes him to produce multicolored wool, which changes his life and the fortunes of his owners.

The Selkie Girl


This is a lovely retelling of the traditional Scottish folk tale of the selkie (a seal who can become human) adapted for a young audience. Beautifully written by storyteller and selkie storyteller Janis Mackay, the tale is accompanied by stunning illustrations by Ruchi Mhasane.

Nessie the Loch Ness Monster


What are the facts and what is only legend? With humour and historical accuracy, Richard Brassey tells the irresistible tale for readers everywhere.

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The Sheep Of Scotland

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Poetry In Scotland

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Getting Dressed in Scotland

Scottish New Years! Hogmanay!

For almost 400 years Scotland couldn’t celebrate Christmas!  In the days before Christ, the winter solstice was celebrated. ...
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The Best of Scotland: Work Songs

In Episode No. 31 I share all about a Scottish Highland Tradition of the Waulking.  Waulking songs are ...
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The Best of Scotland!

The best of Scotland provides engaging activities for your students to celebrate cultural diversity! I just returned from ...
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Fun Facts & Special Dates

  • January 25 - Robert Burns' Birthday
  • April 6 - Tartan Day in the United States
  • April 9 - National Unicorn Day in Scotland
  • December 31 - Hogmanay

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