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"It inspired the kids to go beyond the unit and investigate their own heritage, ethnic clothing, and playful solo singing. My principal happened to sit in on one of the lessons and was absolutely fascinated! She loved it!"

Karen Clark

"It is well organized and presented in a way that students and teachers enjoy learning about the heritage of Scotland."

Mandy Bailey

"The lessons were very organized, comprehensive, and engaging for the students. THANK YOU SO MUCH!"

Kelly Meyer


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Lesson Spotlight

This 2nd Grade reading lesson explores fables using a well-known Scottish fable of Robert the Bruce and The Spider.  During the lesson, students will be able to determine the moral of a folktale, related their own experiences to a story they've read, and share a narrative they wrote using a clear sequence of events.


  • Done for you Scripted Lesson
  • The Entire Lesson Plan Outline
  • Aligned standards- Common Core
  • Robert the Bruce and the Spider Printable Illustrated book in PDF format
  • Robert the Bruce and the Spider Digital Illustrated book for iPads, tablets, etc.
  • Further Learning Activity
  • Assessment Activity
  • Printable Exit Tickets for order of sequence
  • Printable Graphic Organizer
  • Printable Word Work Activity
  • New Vocabulary
  • The Celtic Classroom Support
  • Inquiry based curriculum alignment used by PYP Schools
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