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“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”



Scottish heritage through music and dance provides a fun and educational look at Scottish cultures as reflected in the Scottish heritage of folk songs and dance.   Students discover how Scottish immigration influenced the culture, customs, and history of North America.   Students participate throughout the program by singing along, learning about the Highland Bagpipes, Scottish dancing, and learning a 'wee bit' of Scottish Gaelic and Scottish dialect.


Irish heritage through music and dance is an engaging way to encourage students to learn more about the history of North America ...and possibly their own heritage.   Students experience the songs, the dance, the instruments, and some magical Irish legends. Of course, we encourage everyone to wear green, but it's not's just fun!


The Brazilian Cultural Arts in Education program provides a fun and educational look at the Brazilian culture, music and dance.  The purpose is to give students a cultural awareness of diversity in a positive and fun way.   Students will participate throughout the program by singing Brazilian children’s songs, hearing and playing the instruments of Brazilian music, learning the native language of Portuguese and participating in Gaucho dances from the South of Brazil and the samba from the North of Brazil.


Featured Program: Ireland


Jennifer Licko has performed for students throughout The United States, Canada, Europe, Great Britain, the Carribbean, Brazil, Ireland and the United Kingdom. Educators and PTA members have praised Jennifer's engaging programs for the cultural content being educational AND entertaining.

Irish Dancer, Emanele Oliveira has been competitive Irish dancing for 14 years. Her Irish dance school recently received awards at the World Irish Dancing Championships. Her experience and enthusiasm is engaging for all audiences.

When you book an Irish Program your students will be engaged in Irish traditions such as:

-Irish songs
-Irish Gaelic language & song
-Irish Legends & Fairies (leprechaun, Banshee ECT.)
-Irish dancing
-Traditional Irish instruments
-Why we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

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