#49 Samba Percussion

With professional Brazilian percussionist, Daniel Gohn
A companion for episode #49 Respecting Diversity in the Class

Learn all about the rhythms, feel and instruments of Brazilian samba percussion! Special guest Daniel Gohn from Sao Paulo Brazil explains to us how to develop an authentic samba sound with a music class.

Here are some typical Brazilian Samba rhythm instruments to start off with!

1. Ganzá – This percussion instrument sounds similar to a rattle and in a cylinder shape.

2. Tamborim – This small frame drum is used for the higher pitch tone. Often the technique called ‘virado’ is implemented where the drummer will ip the drum over while playing the rhythm pattern with a stick.

3. Agogô (Bells) – These are connected bells of two different sizes. The drummer strikes the bells with a stick to create the rhythm sound.

4. Cuíca – Speaker Drum – This drum as a wooden bamboo stick attached to the center of the drumhead. The drummer holds the drum under one arm, puts his other arm inside the drum and rubs the stick with a wet cloth while pressing areas of the skin to change the pitch.

5. Surdo – This is a bass drum and essential to the samba percussion group! Drummers wear the surdo using a shoulder strap and they march while playing.

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