Travel to Scotland Kit

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Let’s Travel to Scotland with your classroom with this Travel to Scotland Kit!  The authenticity of what you are about to get is our number one concern. After years of seeing incorrect and inaccurate information for students about Scotland, we are here to change that.

This Travel to Scotland kit includes activity-based information for each category: How to get there, The Weather in Scotland, the food in Scotland, The Traditions of Scotland, The languages of Scotland, Places to visit in Scotland, the Wildlife in Scotland, the legends of Scotland, Famous Scots.

What you get

  • over 30 pages of Activities & Information created by a teacher who lived in Scotland studying the cultural for many years.
  • Interactive links to music, videos, and trusted resources
  • Awareness of National Trust of Scotland Sites for further exploration
  • Immediate download ready to use both in school or with distant learners

Learning Center

Be sure to visit our online learning center for students to learn more about Scotland.

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