Tales from the Amazon: Learning through Brazilian Folklore


Discover the magic of Brazilian culture with “Tales from the Amazon: Learning through Brazilian Folklore,” a comprehensive 2nd grade reading lesson that blends captivating storytelling with engaging cultural activities. Enhance your students’ reading skills and cultural awareness through this immersive educational experience!

Tales from the Amazon: Learning through Brazilian Folklore – A 2nd Grade Reading Lesson

Dive into the rich and vibrant culture of the Brazilian Amazon with this comprehensive 2nd grade reading lesson on cultural responsiveness and folklore! “Tales from the Amazon: Learning through Brazilian Folklore” offers a fully scripted lesson plan designed to captivate young learners and enhance their understanding of diverse cultures through the enchanting story of “The Explorer and the Curupira.”

What’s Included:

1. Full Lesson Plan:

– A detailed, scripted lesson plan that guides you through teaching the story, exploring cultural contexts, and engaging students in interactive activities. The lesson is designed to fit a 45-minute session but is flexible for your classroom needs.

2. Story Read-Along Video:

– A captivating video read-along of “The Explorer and the Curupira,” bringing the folklore to life with engaging narration and visuals.

3. Story in Google Slides:

– The story presented in Google Slides for an interactive reading experience. Perfect for classroom discussions and shared reading activities.

4. Learning Slides about the Amazon:

– Informative slides that provide cultural context about the Amazon rainforest, its landscape, wildlife, and the way of life of its indigenous people. This section includes inquiry-based activities to deepen students’ understanding.

5. Retell Activity:

– A structured retell activity using the 5-finger retell method. Students will use this to recount the story, ensuring they include key elements such as characters, setting, problem, events, and resolution.

6. Inquiry-Based Activity:

– Engaging questions and prompts that encourage students to explore what it’s like to live in the Amazon. This activity fosters critical thinking and cultural awareness.

7. PDF Download of Slides:

– A downloadable PDF version of all slides, ensuring that you can access and use the materials even if you don’t use Google Classroom.

Key Features:

– Cultural Responsiveness: Introduces students to the rich culture and folklore of the Brazilian Amazon, promoting cultural awareness and appreciation.

– Interactive and Engaging: Combines storytelling, visual aids, and hands-on activities to keep students engaged and enhance their learning experience.

– Flexible Resources: Includes both digital and printable resources to accommodate different classroom setups and teaching styles.

– Aligned with Standards: Supports Common Core standards for recounting stories and speaking skills, making it an educational and relevant addition to your curriculum.

Why Choose This Lesson?

“Exploring Brazilian Folklore: The Curupira’s Tale” is more than just a reading lesson; it’s an immersive cultural experience that enriches students’ understanding of the world around them. By combining folklore with interactive learning and cultural context, this lesson helps students build essential reading skills while fostering an appreciation for diversity.

Bring the magic of the Amazon and the wisdom of Brazilian folklore into your classroom today with this all-in-one lesson package!

Brazilian Folklore
Brazilian Folklore

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