Tips for celebrating differences in an inclusive classroom

#60 Resources for teaching cultural diversity

As a reminder to you, when it comes to teaching your students to be globally-minded citizens who not only respect but celebrate diversity,  it’s not really what you teach – it’s how you teach it. However, it’s important to find good resources for teaching cultural diversity! Part I and Part II of this series were

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#47 Teaching with Irish Folklore

Use Irish Folklore to retell stories, including key details, and demonstrate an understanding of their central message or lesson. These stories were passed down orally for many many years and in Ireland, many of these stories were in their native language of Gaelic – which most people refer to as Irish. The oral tradition has

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#46 How to handle ethical dilemmas with your students

When in doubt, talk to your trusted colleagues and be completely transparent in all situations. Most teachers come from a place of caring and therefore don’t learn to navigate the risk of ethical dilemmas because they don’t see it coming. Most of the time complaints that are made about unethical conduct is with regards to

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