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#43 Inquiry-based learning with the PYP.

By Jenny | Jan 8, 2020

An Interview with Shannon McMahon. This episode and blog act as a starter guide to the IB Organization and Primary Years Program. Teaching at an IB school or transitioning to one can be overwhelming, but our guest today breaks it down very clearly for you! For the full interview, listen to the episode. The PYP, […]

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Ireland: What is Nollaig na mBan?

By Jenny | Jan 5, 2020

The Cultural Tradition: Woman’s Christmas January 6th is an important date in many cultures. For Christians, it is the day called Epiphany when the kings arrived to bring gifts to Jesus Christ. An older Irish tradition is to celebrate this date that marks Ephiphany with what they call Women’s Christmas (Nollaig na mBan) or sometimes […]

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Scottish New Years! Hogmanay!

By Jenny | Dec 30, 2019

For almost 400 years Scotland couldn’t celebrate Christmas!  In the days before Christ, the winter solstice was celebrated. This was the shortest day on the calendar and seemed be an important time in history.  When the vikings raided Scotland they too celebrated the Winter solstice and it’s believed they celebrated their ancestors during this darkest […]

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An International Festival Season – Korea

By Jenny | Dec 23, 2019

To complement the mini-series on my podcast: An International Festive Season in Korea episode no. 40.  Our podcast guest, Lisa from Korea, tells us that Christmas is celebrated in most of Korea but it is not a huge celebration. Many people will put up Christmas trees and give gifts, but it’s not their biggest celebration […]

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The Festive Season in Spain

By Jenny | Dec 17, 2019

To complement the mini-series on my podcast: An International Festive Season: Spain episode no. 39 The Festive Season mini-series on my podcast (respecting Diversity In The Class) was fun, insightful and unified a group of ladies from 6 different countries. We gathered at my home one morning for a coffee talk to share the festive […]

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The Festive Season in Argentina

By Jenny | Dec 16, 2019

To complement the mini-series on my podcast: An International Festive Season episode no. 38. Some of the foods that Argentines enjoy during this time of year are Panettone, chocottone and Turron.  Panettone is a specialized Italian-style citrus flavored bread with bits of fruit and nuts. It basically a higher-end version of pan dulce, baked in an […]

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Teachers kill the to do list!

By Jenny | Dec 7, 2019

How to get rid of the to do list and have a system instead! The days that go well are the ones that I planned well for in advance. Sometimes you get lucky and have an excellent lesson and you are not sure why or how except that you are just so good at what […]

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The New Year Celebration in JAPAN

By Jenny | Dec 3, 2019

Episode #37 from the Respecting Diversity in the Class podcast is part II of our mini series on international festive celebrations! We are learning about Japan today with our friend Ayako!  She shares with us what Japanese people do to celebrate the New Year in Japan! We have the chance to hear her speak in […]

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The Festive Season in INDIA

By Jenny | Dec 2, 2019

To complement the mini-series on my podcast: An International Festive Season episode no. 36. When celebrating the holiday season, many teachers have the pressure of trying to figure out exactly how to be inclusive, respectful and celebrate. This is the holiday season for almost every culture! The season of ending one year and starting another […]

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