I love creating a weekly podcast for the education community. All the skills I've learned by teaching music, providing cultural arts assemblies for schools all over the world, being a mom of a twice-exceptional kid, and living most of my adult life outside of the United States have all contributed to my passion for sharing what I have learned about cultural inclusion in education.

study the amazon through reading

Dive into the Amazon: A Cultural Adventure for Students with “Afternoon on the Amazon” Reading is not just about decoding words on a page; it’s a gateway to exploring new worlds, cultures, and ideas. In today’s culturally responsive classrooms, it’s vital to provide students with reading material that enriches their understanding of global diversity. One […]

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The Tartan Song

The Tartan Song

Scotland During the Chorus the students enjoy repeating the “hey” and “Ho” as chants “Then it’s hey for the tartan” – HEY “And ho for the tartan” – HO . LYRICS There are hundreds of tartans so lovely to seeAnd many a famous has graced the bare kneeAnd the sett that I wear is both

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Unicorn Horn Headband

Unicorn Horn Headband

Celebrate National Unicorn Day on April 9th with a DIY Unicorn Horn Headband craft, perfect for homeschoolers and teachers. This engaging project not only sparks creativity but also aids in developing fine motor skills and imagination. It integrates art and science, is adaptable for different skill levels, and offers step-by-step instructions, enhancing bonding in families and classrooms.

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Bodhran – The Irish Drum

Embrace the Beat: Introducing the Bodhran Drum to Your Elementary School Music Class Are you looking to add a touch of tradition and rhythm to your elementary school music classes? Look no further than the Bodhran – a quintessential instrument from the heart of Irish culture. Incorporating this unique drum into your lesson plans during

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#60 Resources for teaching cultural diversity

As a reminder to you, when it comes to teaching your students to be globally-minded citizens who not only respect but celebrate diversity,  it’s not really what you teach – it’s how you teach it. However, it’s important to find good resources for teaching cultural diversity! Part I and Part II of this series were

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