Finding Student Superpowers

 Each and every student in your class deserves to know what their superpower is – and as a teacher, once you know their superpowers, you will feel the most powerful of all! 

I want you to have an actionable plan for finding your student’s superpowers because I really think it will give you a lot more control in your classroom and a lot more engaged learners (which is what you want) Plus once your students catch up, they will also be able to find superpowers in others and learn to be a better part of their own communities outside of the classroom. You are setting the tone for how to recognize differences as good and how to create positive communities.  To make this super actionable, I’ve created a simple template that you can download for free – just to get you started and save you from the hassle of making another spreadsheet. you can print this out and add it to your planning binder so that you can see it when you are making your lesson plans and preparing for back up actions.  This template is your superpower class roster!

Here are and three science-based strategies that will help you stick to your commitment to finding each and every child’s superpowers. I really want to help you do this and use it in your class because I know it will make a difference! 

  1. Write it down DAILY Today I will find the superpower of at least one child. Why should you write it down? Because by writing things down we are more likely to believe and remember the importance of something and actually follow through with it. The superpowers of some students you will find very easily, but don’t give up on the remaining five or six. I know you can find them – and it’s so worth the effort! 
  2. Schedule the time and place you are going to take action and have a backup plan. Once you have found all your classroom superpowers – use them! If it doesn’t work, go to your backup plan. Preplan how you are going to use these superpowers in class.
  3. Send updates to a friend. Commit to sharing your goals with someone. I really suggest chatting with your fellow teachers about your goal of finding your classroom superpowers.  Let them help you stay accountable!

Respecting and celebrating diversity is more than just accepting, it’s engaging in it! You can do this because you are a teacher and the difference you can make is astounding. You know that teaching doesn’t mean getting your students to pass a test, you signed up for this career because you want more for our kids – you want them to be productive, responsible and positive members of our community. Don’t give up on them, they need YOU the most! You are amazing – and don’t forget to pat your self on the back every single day because you have the hardest job in the world, but the most rewarding as well! 

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