An International Festival Season – Korea

To complement the mini-series on my podcast: An International Festive Season in Korea episode no. 40. 

Our podcast guest, Lisa from Korea, tells us that Christmas is celebrated in most of Korea but it is not a huge celebration. Many people will put up Christmas trees and give gifts, but it’s not their biggest celebration of the year.

On Christmas Eve, presents are left over the heads of the children in their beds. On Christmas morning, the kids are surprised with their gifts.

The New Year celebration in Korea

It’s a common belief in Korea that you must stay up past midnight on New Year’s Eve or your eyebrows will get white! So everyone tries to stay up to ring in the New Year. Speaking of ringing, on the strike of midnight the bells ring 108 times. Everyone exchanges greatings of a Happy New Year.

On New Year’s day most Koreans eat a special Rice cake soup and the legend is that when you eat this soup you will gain one year of life.

The Lunar New Year!

The largest celebration for Koreas is the New Year according to the Lunar Calendar. This is the preferred New Year’s celebration and lasts for 3 days. The will bow to their ancestors and have a large food celebrations where each dish has a very specific meaning. The table setting is quite complex and you serve the meal to your ancestors while wearing the Hanbok (traditional clothing). Most of the time the children will recieve money.  

Korean Hanbok – ancient town in seoul, South Korea.

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