The Festive Season in Argentina

To complement the mini-series on my podcast: An International Festive Season episode no. 38.

Some of the foods that Argentines enjoy during this time of year are Panettone, chocottone and Turron.  Panettone is a specialized Italian-style citrus flavored bread with bits of fruit and nuts. It basically a higher-end version of pan dulce, baked in an egg-like mold and wrapped in decorative paper. Chocottone is the same idea but chocolate chips are used instead of of the fruit and nuts. Turrón, sweet nougat mixed with peanuts or almonds, is a Christmas classic. 

Most of the country is Catholic and celebrate Christmas with the family on Christmas Eve by opening all the gifts, going to mass and enjoying a family meal.  Two traditional Argentine foods any time of year include the Empanada and a traditional BBQ of meats and sausages. Argentina has a big New year’s eve celebration with a meal, fireworks and countdown.

Traditional Argentinian bbq.

In Argentina the children look forward to King’s Day celebration on January 6th. They write a letter to the Three Wise Men with their list of wishes and then leave their shoes under the Christmas Tree or by the door or window on the Night of Kings (Noche de Reyes, January 5). They also put out some water and grass for the three kings’ camels before they go to bed.  The next morning, children who have been good all year discover that the camels ate their rations and the Three Wise Men left gifts.

Argentina has a big New year’s eve celebration with a meal, fireworks and countdown.

Argentine Empanadas with ground meat

The females wear pink underwear on New Year’s eve for good luck.

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