Part III: Facing Teacher Challenges

The interview ends with a moment where Rachael shares some super actionable advice for those of you who are worried about teacher burn out and certainly great for first-year teachers! It’s worth your time. If you don’t listen to another full podcast, listen to this one because you will just feel better afterward. 

Devon’s Advice

It’s not for everybody, and you will get kicked around. But be open to receive the messages of hope. Celebrate and hold on to the victories. Remembering the situation kids are in. IT’S ABOUT THE KIDS. Feed off of their energy. Teaching them is a priveledge. 

Racheal’s Top Tips

  1. Try not to bring work home. Create systems (check out our to do list episode for an organizing system) Design your lessons and assessments to make the most impact. 
  2. You do not have the grade everything. Feedback and data can come in various ways. 
  3. You can say NO! Feel empowered to have a well placed no. Put your energy and time in the areas that are going to most greatly impact student learning. 
  4. Always ask yourself, How does this impact student learning
  5. Added after the interview Racheal sent me a message because she wanted to share one more very useful tip which was to “Avoid the staff room negative gossip and instead surround yourself with passionate positive educators who you can hsare your craft with.”

Listen to the full episode #35 with Rachael and Devon.

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