Part II: Facing Teacher Challenges

This week Rachael and Devon share with us how they moved back to the US where they worked in Public schools in Texas and then the transition to a private school in Brazil.

This portion of the interview brings on an entirely different set of differences and challenges that Rachel and Devon had to learn to be adaptive too. But as you will learn from this episode, they thrived and they are better for it. …and they share with us how they handled these situations.

  1. Transparency with the students about what they will face and what they are facing. 

  2. Block out the noise – and focus on your own student learning.

  3. Setting boundaries as a teacher, but don’t be afraid to be engaged in the community when it makes sense and when it’s needed. 

  4. Helping students recognize and celebrate the differences rather than just focusing on inclusion, focus on celebration.

  5. Modeling a respect for differences and taking teaching moments when it’s the right moment.   “If you hear something, say something”.  “You may not change the opinion of somebody who is already indoctrinated in that and already has that racism or homophobia with in them, but what you are going to change are the onlookers”. 

  6. Taking the best aspects of the school you are in and the curriculum you are following and focusing on the good aspects. 

Listen to the full episode!

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