Part I: Facing Teacher Challenges

Special Podcast guests Rachael and Devon are both international teachers who have faced challenges as teachers in extremely diverse environments.  After our interview, I recognized that they have a lot of lessons to share with other teachers.  

Part I: When faced with a new environment and culture as a teacher. 

Rachael and Devon volunteered with the Peace Corp in Samoa where they faced challenges that ultimately made them better teachers. Here are some of the lessons they have to share based on that experience. 

  1. When entering a new teacher situation, listen and learn about the culture first – it demonstrates that you care and builds up trust. 
  2. Model behaviors for your students.  With a big focus on gratitude and risk taking. 
  3. Remember that you are capable of way more than you think you are.  Challenge yourselves, because you can do it. This also models good lessons for your students. 
  4. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.  “The mistakes aren’t mistakes they’re just another step towards your success”, says Rachael.  Be okay with modeling a mistake because it’s a lesson students need to see and also need to experience. 

Listen to the full Podcast Episode!

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